There’s nothing wrong with being NOT good at doing everything you want.

When I was youngster I used to study Computer science. However, soon I’ve discovered that I am being able to comprehend software coding but can’t do programming.

And I used to edit my art works with Photoshop software instead of using the right ones.

And I had needed to figure it out in a different way.

My world view to the beauty and the wonders is various and it is more likely to listening to your favorite music.

In my manner i’ve noticed that the greatest artists have become magnificent artists. Then I found out impossible is NOT impossible.

As I understood that I’m able to make things from my imaginations into superb creatures in every day of my life. Either it’s your products, website , books, galleries or artifacts!

We can talk about or share our ideas and make them happen, that’s the way I live ,to paint your imaginations.

An Artist based in Tehran, Iran.